Why Pregnant Women Are More At Risk Of Disease

pregnant women need to be more careful in maintaining health, so as to avoid disease. Viruses and bacteria which are usually harmless, might cause a higher risk condition if they cause infection in pregnant women. Come on, know the reason here. We may often hear stories of experiences from friends or relatives who complain more easily get sick during pregnancy. This can actually be influenced by the many changes that occur during pregnancy. In addition to changes in body shape, pregnant women are more at risk of infection due to hormonal changes and immune system function. Understanding Changes in the Immune System During Pregnancy In order to better protect the mother and baby from disease, the immune system in some parts of the pregnant woman's body increases, while some can decrease as compensation. This change also allows the baby, which should be considered a foreign object, to be part of the pregnant woman's body. During pregnancy, the pregnant woman's immune s
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